I serve at ALL correctional and immigration facilities across the region.

I serve at ALL correctional and immigration facilities across the region.


It was more than 23 years since I was first asked to celebrate a marriage. The very first couple I married was for someone who had recently been released from a long-term incarceration. Back then they had no choice but to wait and it was finally a lovely celebration. Now, some couples choose not to wait and for those who have been granted the privilege to marry while still serving a sentence, I will gladly attend and officiate.

I will work closely with the institutional chaplains to help you secure your date. It may not be the most ideal setting, but we can make it as simple and sweet for you as possible. If you or your fiance are compliant with facility rules, I will do my best to make it happen. I am familiar with the process and procedures and am quite comfortable with the setting. I have been pre-cleared at most institutions as well.

To start the process, the inmate must reach out to the chaplain and find out the requirements. After that, we agree to a potential date, I draft you a contract and you secure the date with my fee. Then I will send along my credentials and a letter of intent to officiate to the chaplain and then we wait for his/her approval.

For immigration facility requests, time is of the essence! You will need to know exactly the detainee is located and that no transfers are imminent first. Then you will need to secure a marriage license for the city or county where the ceremony is to take place. Once we know the date, you can guarantee it by signing a contract/invoice and paying the fee to secure the date.

Call me at 443-844-1573 to set the plans in motion!